Oak Leaf Discovery Tour 2016




Oak Leaf Discovery Tour Prize Winners 2016

Trek Bike from Wheel and Sprocket

-Lauren Schlenker


Giant Bike and helmet from South Shore Cyclery

-Laurie Fels


$250 gift certificate Rainbow Jersey

-Philip Siwek


$250 gift certificate Rainbow Jersey

-Diane Lopez


10 coupons for regulation golf courses (Currie, Grant, Greenfield, Lincoln)

-Christina Haase


10 Executive course golf coupons (Hansen, Warnimont)

-Wayne Molas


4 Aquatic Center Coupons ( Cool Waters, David Schultz Aquatic Center)

-Geoff Thieme


(8) Domes/Boerner general admission coupons

-Tim Engl

(4ea.) Outdoor Pool, Nite Glow Golf, Ice Skating Coupons

-Mike Fegley